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The subject of money can be confusing to many of us. The photo below (nest egg) attempts to simplify it just a bit.  In our financial world we know of two important facts. 

1- We would like to accumulate more eggs.  

2- We want to protect those eggs that we have. Our goal takes a very unique approach in that we help you find eggs that may be leaving your nest unknowingly and unnecessarily.  



1- How you pay for your house (Mortgages)

2- Taxes

3- How you fund your retirement accounts (Qualified plans)

4- How you pay for your children's education (College funding)

5- How you pay for major capital purchases like cars, weddings and vacations. 


The other photo (water bucket) Helps to visually explain why we believe it advisable to “plug the holes” in your financial bucket before you continue to add water ($$) Even a trickle of water into a bucket without holes will begin to accumulate. This accumulation should then be permitted to compound over time. 


“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it… he who doesn't … pays it."      

                                                                  Albert Einstien 



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